Foreign Doctors May be Less Qualified and Less Honest

Foreign trained doctors are frequently found in APS elderly kidnapping cases. Since some hospitals are saving money by employing foreign trained staff, their presence may simply be a coincidence rather than an indication of a deeper problem. However we are continuing to track this pattern.

The kidnapping cases often involve involuntary emergency psychiatric commitments of the individuals to be looted. In Texas an individual can be committed for 48 hours if they are deemed to be a “threat to themselves or others”. Even so, a psychiatrist must see the patient and make the commitment determination.

In two North Texas cases with which we have familiarity, the elderly individuals were in the hospital for a procedure. When the procedures were completed the individuals attempted to leave and were illegally held against their will.

Hospital staff then had them committed without ever seeing a psychiatrist. In both cases after the 48 hour period hospital staff tried to obtain signatures from the individuals indicating that they had voluntarily committed themselves.

Both individuals refused to sign. The hospital staff then asked the staff psychiatrists to retroactively admit the patients which the psychiatrist refused to do.

The staff then sought other doctors who would agree to retroactively admit the patients. In one case they located a Muslim “gynecologist” who received medical training in Pakistan. In another case they received the signature of an Hindu internist who received medical training in India.

Neither doctor had seen the individuals before they were committed.

It might be possible that doctors from cultures that tolerate a high degree of corruption might be more easily persuaded to fake an admission document.

Or maybe it is just a coincidence.

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