Identity of Contaminated Clinic a State Secret

Twenty patients of an oncology clinic in the Dallas area were sickened by medical syringes contaminated with bacteria. The bacterium, called Serratia marcescens, can cause fever and chills but generally responds to antibiotics.

Some of the Dallas-area patients became so ill after the bacterial exposure that they required hospitalization.

However, Texas Department of State Health Services spokesman, Doug McBride, declined to identify the contaminated clinic.

Let me see if I understand the facts:
1. A cancer clinic has been contaminated by bacteria.
2. The bacteria causes people to get sick enough to require hospitalization.
3. The taxpayer’s employee says, “I’m not telling you the location of the danger.”

Hmmmm. My first thought is Mr. McBride needs an employer who will fully appreciated his talents, like Health Director for Vladimir Putin.
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