Kansas Targets Wealthy Physicist for Looting

John Flentie, 73, made the mistake of owning a $300,000 home and saving $600,000 in accounts and investments.  Most important he failed to have children who could defend him against state sponsored elder looting. In March of 2012, John fell … Continued

Sixteen Year Old Connecticut Hostage Released

The State of Massachusetts released 16 year old hostage, Justina Peltier, after a year in captivity.  Justina was kidnapped from Boston Children’s Hospital by the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families with help from taxpayer funded psychiatrists. The amount of … Continued

Massachusetts Invents New Open Records Dodge

Bureaucrats not known for creativity suddenly become Leonardo da Vincis when it comes to dodging open records requests. Taxpayer funded Massachusetts Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams endeared themselves to the population of Watertown with their warrantless house-to-house searches for … Continued

Canadian Hospital Kidnaps and Loots Elderly Couple

Pamela and Douglas Allen of Victoria, BC made the fatal mistake of getting old and having resources. The “caring professionals” of the Vancouver Island Health Authority have diagnosed both with “dementia” and had them involuntarily committed to the nut house … Continued